Comprehensive Clinical Embryology

Clinical Embryology

Course Duration: 3 Weeks

Fee:  INR 4,00,000


• Introduction to IVF laboratory equipments, culture systems and organization


• IVF/ICSI based lab preparation for each case

  • Lab & Incubator cleaning

  • Equilibration of culture dishes

  • Getting started with embryology data sheet

• Ovum pick-up

  • Oocyte-cumulus-complex identification & harvesting using triple gas IVF Incuchamber

  • OCC maturation assessment

  • Semen processing for IVF and ICSI

  • Sperm Wash & Swim Up technique

  • Density Gradient methods

  • Sperm washing procedures for Normozoospermic, Oligozoospermic, PESA/TESA samples, Viscous semen samples and cryopreserved samples

 • IVF Insemination

  • ICSI and IVF

  • Long Incubation IVF

  • Short-incubation IVF

  • High insemination in oligo-astheno/ teratozoospermic cases

  • Removal of cumulus cells by hyaluronidase treatment

 • Intracytoplasmicsperm Injection (ICSI)

  • System set-up

  • Holding and injection pipette alignments

  • Sperm-catch using PVP or hyaluronate (sperm slow)

  • Modified ICSI procedures

 • Dish Preparation for embryo culture

  • Microdropletculture

  • Ultra-micro droplet culture 

• Assessment of Fertilization

  • 2PN Identification

  • Workstation set up for zygote denudation (use of fire-pulled pipettes, ready-made pipettes and hand-held, mouth aspiration devices for denudation) 

• Embryo grading and culture

  • Scoring of best quality embryos

  • Cleavage kinetics at time-intervals 

• Embryo Selection for embryo replacement on Day-3, Day-4, Day-5

  • Preparation of ET dishes

  • Transfer of selected embryos into the dish

  • Use of special ET media 

• Embryo Replacement in fresh & FET cycles

  • ET catheters in normal & difficult transfers

  • Special care in IVF lab & OT during ET

  • Embryo/ Blastocyst Loading 

• Embryo Cryopreservation using controlled rate freezing/ vitrification

  • Cleavage Stage

  • BlastocystStage

  • Loading, freezing, seeding, storage

 Advanced ART Techniques like

  • Advanced Semen Analysis

  • IMSI (Intracytoplasmic Morphological Sperm Injection)

  • Latest developments in Micromanipulation and Vitrification


• Embryo Thawing Cleavage Stage Blastocyst Stage 


• Infertility clinic data management softwares 


• Quality control & management in IVF 


• Interactive sessions with Reproductive Endocrinologist or Ultrasonologists during live procedures of

  • Follicular monitoring

  • Ovum pick up

  • Embryo transfer techniques

  • Established lab protocols/reading materials


Who can participate in this course: Embryologists with prior experience in IVF lab (BSc, MSc, PhD, MBBS, MD). At the completion of the course the participant will get a Certificate of Attendance.