Upcoming Training


Note: Some Training’s are held throughout the Year while some are held on specific Dates.


IDTraining Program NameDurationTraining DateRate (INR)
TR1Advanced Clinical Embryology5 days70000
TR2Advanced ART Techniques3 days25000
TR3Comprehensive Clinical Embryology2 months350000
TR4Oocyte/Embryo Vitrification2 days25000
TR5Standard Semen Analysis & Sperm Processing Techniques3 daysChoose Any10000
TR6Comprehensive IVF7 days50000
TR7Transvaginal Ultrasound3 daysChoose Any15000
TR8Comprehensive ART2 months350000
TR9Clinical Andrology3 daysChoose Any15000
TR10Paramedical Staff Training4 daysChoose Any10000


Please get in touch with our Training coordinator for further Information at

Email – register@embryologyivftraining.com

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