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Aim of Course

This course is meant for Gynaecologist's who wish to start practicing ovarian stimulation for IUI and IVF. The aim of the course is to make the Clinician well versed with the different ovarian stimulation protocol along with basics of follicular monitoring.

Course Detail:

  • Interactive discussion on various stimulation protocols for regular and batch IVF programs

  • Follicular monitoring and drug dosages

  • Inventory management in IVF unit

  • Learn the basics of ovum pick up and Embryo transfer

  • Demonstration of IVF lab procedures including: Conventional IVF, ICSI, Vitrification, Blastocyst culture.

  • Regulation, Licensing in starting new Units

  • Learn how to set up an Andrology Lab and the best sperm processing techniques.

  • Male infertility management options.

  • Learn about various embryo culture systems in market and the list of vendors. 

At the completion of the course the participant will get a Certificate of Attendance.

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