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Aim of Course

This intensive training program is meant for clinical embryologists who wish to have advanced training in IVF. The course is tailored to offer hands-on training for the participants.

Detailed Training Plan

Download our detailed Training Plan for the most sought after courses in hands on  Embryology and IVF.

 Course Detail:

  • Hands- on training in ICSI (No beads used)

  • Ideal sperm processing techniques for ICSI and surgically retrieved sperm samples

  • ICSI Plating basics. Preparing different types of Plates.

  • Sperm Immobilization practice.

  • Handling Rare Sperms

  • Learn tips and tricks for Sperm Immobilization.

  • Oocyte Holding Technique and Morphology Assessment. Basics of Oocyte Morphology.

  • Performing ICSI. Do’s and Don’ts while doing ICSI.

  • Troubleshooting ICSI machine issues.

  • Handling TESA / PESA samples. 

  • Handling Micro TESE samples.

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