There are roughly 3000 IVF Clinics (including registered as well as unregistered clinics) in India. If we include ART Level 1 Clinics that are registered to perform IUI, then the number all over India will cross 10,000. Ideally every IVF clinic as well as IUI Clinic,  should have at least one full time Embryologist who is well trained to handle oocytes and sperms.

However due to lack of colleges that provide full time Bachelors (B.Sc) in Clinical Embryology or Masters (M.Sc) in Clinical Embryology courses, there is lack of practical knowledge amongst technicians in handling human oocyte and sperms.

The idea behind running a training institute with courses specifically designed for Embryologist is to provide extensive hands on training to the budding Embryologist so that they understand the nitty-gritties of day to day embryology.

This is an humble attempt to close the gap between IVF Clinics and lack of trained Embryologists. We offer courses that are tailored to teach both very basics of Embryology as well as advanced skill like ICSI,  vitrification and warming of embryos, Embryo biopsy and QA QC of IVF Labs.

We also operate with FOGSI certified ART Clinic so that we can provide holistic training to Clinicians wanting to train as ART specialists.

EMBRYOLOGY & IVF Training Courses

Curated course on all aspects of Embryology and IVF Clinic. Carefully designed by experts in the field with years of Experience boiled down to each Embryology Training Module. Extensive hands on practice to master the art and become an Embryologist.

eligibility for embryology course

According to the ART Rules notified in June 2022, an Embryologist needs to be:

Medical graduate (MBBS) or Veterinary graduate (BVSc) with a post-graduate degree in Clinical Embryology (full-time program). OR Post-graduate in life sciences (M.Sc ) or Biotechnology with a minimum of one year of on-site, fulltime clinical embryology certified training.

Until we have enough colleges in India providing Masters degree  in Clinical Embryology, we have to train students who have passed out with M.Sc in Life Sciences – Zoology, Microbiology or BioTechnolgy to fill in the gap. 

So far we do not have any government certified Clinical Embryology Course that post graduate students can train and gather experience. 

Training institutes like Embryogeny offer short term hybrid model certificate courses in all aspects of ART like Embryology and Andrology to allow graduates and post graduates from Life sciences to gather the much needed knowledge in ART and IVF and join IVF Clinics to gain experience in registered ART Clinics.

Panel of experts in ivf and embryology

Dr. Gajendra Tomar

Reproductive Medicine Specialist


Mr. Hemant Deshmukh

Senior Embryologist & Lab Incharge


Ms. Doel Bose Pande
B.E, M.Sc

Certified Embryologist & Course Coordinator




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