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Aim of Course

This course is meant for Infertility Specialists planning to start IVF Units or those who want to update with newer developments in Assisted Reproductive Technologies.The course is designed to provide both clinical management modalities and overview and management of day today activities in art lab.

Course Details

  • Interactive discussion on various Stimulation Protocols for regular and Batch IVF Programs.
  • Basics of Male and Female Reproductive physiology in relation to Infertility.
  • Investigations of Infertility and indications for IVF/ICSI/IUI
  • Testing for Ovarian Reserve, Follicular Monitoring and Drug dosages.
  • Approaches in Stimulation Protocols in Poor Responders, PCOS
  • Mild stimulation IVF
  • Learn about Luteal Phase Support
  • Prevention and management of OHSS ( Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome)
  • Learn about Oocyte Donation and Surrogacy.
  • Learn about Frozen Embryo Transfer cycles and Freeze-all programs
  • Inventory Management in IVF unit
  • Counseling infertile patients for various ART procedures
  • Recurrent pregnancy loss / first trimester misscarriages
  • Learn the basics of Ovum Pick up and Embryo Transfer (hands-on)
  • Learn from experts the ideal ways to set up an IVF unit
  • Know the technical and operational details of IVF lab equipment
  • Learn the trouble shooting in both clinical and laboratory arms
  • Demonstration of IVF lab procedures including: conventional IVF (hands-on), ICSI, vitrification (hands-on), blastocyst culture using single step media.
  • Regulation, licensing in starting new units
    learn how to set up a cryopreservation facility
  • Reduction of multiple pregnancies and single embryo transfer
  • Learn how to set up an IUI lab and the best sperm processing techniques.
  • Male infertility management options
    surgical sperm retrieval techniques
  • How to optimize the equipment performance there by consistent pregnancy rate
  • Learn about various embryo culture systems in market and the list of vendors.
  • Know the latest technologies for air quality management in IVF lab

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