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Aim of Course

Training for paramedical staff who prepares the IVF lab OT prior to IVF procedures. Participants will learn how to prepare the lab and OT for IVF procedures along with basics of Stimulation Protocol to handle IVF injections independently.

Detailed Training Plan

Download our detailed Training Plan for the most sought after courses in hands onĀ  Embryology and IVF.

 Course Details:

  • Learn about the sterilization methods

  • Learn how to maintain stock and order the IVF related products

  • Know the details of Auto sterilization/auto run/cleaning of IVF incubators

  • learn about the embryo safe cleaning agents for Laboratory

  • Learn how to prepare the OT prior to OPU day

  • Learn how to monitor the CO2 cylinder and gas supplies

  • Learn how to monitor the temperature in lab Equipment

  • Learn about the instructions to be given to the male partners for semen collection

  • Learn the basics of power supplies to Lab and OT equipment

  • Learn about the check-list prior to IVF batches

  • Know about the cold chain maintenance of drugs and culture media

  • Know how to dispose the biohazard materials

 At the completion of the course the participant will get a Certificate of Attendance.

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