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Aim of Course

 This intensive training program is meant for clinical embryologists who wish to have advanced training in Cryotechnology. The course is tailored to offer hands-on training for the participants who wish to achieve 100% Cryo Survival.

Detailed Training Plan

Download our detailed Training Plan for the most sought after courses in hands on  Embryology and IVF.

Course Content:

  • Learn theory of Cryo technology

  • Learn how to set up a vitrification program and storage facility with inventory management

  • Learn about the commercially available vitrification devices

  • Learn the trouble shooting points in Vitrification/warming process

  • Learn about the ideal culture systems/procedures for thawed oocytres/embryos

  • Hands on training on vitrification/warming procedures

  • Know about the patient preparation in FET cycles

  • Learn the aseptic techniques in cryopreservation/storage

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