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Aim of Course

Internship Program meant for students who wish to understand basic day today operations of IVF Clinic. This is an observership program wherein participants shadow a senior Embryologist during their day's work.

Detailed Training Plan

Download our detailed Training Plan for the most sought after courses in hands onĀ  Embryology and IVF.

Course Details:

  • Learn basics of Semen Analysis
  • Learn basics of Semen Preparation Techniques.
  • Orientation of IVF Lab disposables and Media
  • Basics of IVF Cycle.
  • Basics of Plating and Media Equillibrartion
  • Observe entire IVF Cycle, from OPU to ET
  • Observe vitrification and warming of oocytes and embryos

Perfect for students of Bachelors and Masters program in Life Sciences to get an orientation of actual IVF Clinic and understand how they function. We offer special discount to students who wish to join us during summer program.

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