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Aim of Course

Learn basics of Embryology from Experts in the field so that you can confidently handle IVF and Embryo Transfers. Meant for Embryology Lab assistants who assist senior Embryologist during Batch or regular IVF.

Detailed Training Plan

Download our detailed Training Plan for the most sought after courses in hands on  Embryology and IVF.

 Course Content

  • Introduction to IVF laboratory equipment, culture systems and organization 
  • IVF/ICSI based lab preparation for each case
    • Lab & Incubator cleaning
    • Equilibration of culture dishes
    • Getting started with embryology data sheet
  • Ovum pick-up
    • Oocyte-cumulus-complex identification & harvesting using triple gas IVF Incuchamber
    • OCC maturation assessment
    • Semen processing for IVF and ICSI
    • Sperm Wash & Swim Up technique
    • Density Gradient methods
    • Sperm washing procedures for Normozoospermic, Oligozoospermic, Cryptozoospermic , PESA/TESA samples, Viscous semen samples and cryopreserved samples
  • IVF Insemination
    • IVF (hands on)
    • ICSI ( With unfertilized oocytes)
    • Long Incubation IVF
    • Short-incubation IVF
    • High insemination in oligo-astheno/ teratozoospermic cases
    • Removal of cumulus cells by hyaluronidase treatment
  • Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI)
    • System set-up
    • Holding and injection pipette alignments
    • Sperm-catch using PVP 
    • Modified ICSI procedures
  • Dish Preparation for embryo culture
    • Sequential Culture
    • Single Step Culture
  • Assessment of Fertilization
    • 2PN Identification
    • Workstation set up for zygote denudation (use of fire-pulled pipettes, ready-made pipettes and hand-held, mouth aspiration devices for denudation) 
  • Embryo grading and culture
    • Scoring of best quality embryos
    • Cleavage kinetics at time-intervals 
  • Embryo Selection for embryo replacement on Day-3, Day-4, Day-5
    • Preparation of ET dishes
    • Transfer of selected embryos into the dish
    • Use of special ET media 
    • Embryo Replacement in fresh & FET cycles
    • ET catheters in normal & difficult transfers
    • Special care in IVF lab & OT during ET
    • Embryo/ Blastocyst Loading 
  • Embryo Cryopreservation using vitrification
    • Oocyte Freezing
    • Blastocyst Stage
    • Loading, freezing, seeding, storage
  • Advanced ART Techniques like
    • Advanced Semen Analysis (DFI)
  • Latest developments in Micromanipulation and Vitrification
  • Embryo Warming Cleavage Stage Blastocyst Stage 
  • Infertility clinic data management softwares
  • Quality control & management in IVF 
  • Interactive sessions with Reproductive Endocrinologist or Ultrasonologists during live procedures of
    • Follicular monitoring
    • Stimulation Protocols Basics
    • Ovum pick up
    • Embryo transfer techniques
  • Established lab protocols/reading materials

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