Side Hustlers

Side Hustle

Meet The Side Hustlers

While working in the IVF lab over the last 10 years, We often found that the simplest of the products were the most difficult ones to source. The amount of energy wasted in following up for basic products was immensely annoying.
At the same time, numerous items we desired weren’t readily available at a reasonable cost. This inspired the creation of our latest endeavor, SIDE HUSTLE by Embryogeny!

Prashant Tripathi Embryologist Indore

Mr. Prashant Tripathi
B.Sc, M.Sc (Pursuing)

Junior Embryologist & Associate Administrator


Ms. Doel Bose Pande
B.E, M.Sc, PhD Scholar

ESHRE Certified Embryologist & Course Director


Mr. Hemant Deshmukh
M.Sc, PHD Scholar

Senior Embryologist & Chief Trainer


The aim of providing this simple e-commerce platform with integrated payment gateway  (Razorpay) is to motivate fellow Embryologists to showcase and share their products at no cost.

We will proudly host only those products that are researched and manufactured by Embryologists’ and preferably with a Make in India Tag.

The first two products that we wish to launch as an Embryogeny Exclusive are:

  • Magnet Memo: Rust Free Magnetic Tags for IVF Labs and
  • Safe Ink Markers – Xylene Free Permanent Markers

From sourcing the right kind of ferrite sheet to brainstorming the right kind of no xylene markers, we had immense fun beyond the regular embryology work.

We are proud of the fact that we finally integrated the ecommerce platform with our website and are involved in each and every step of the product right from researching to packaging to uploading on the website to shooting the product video.

Hope you guys enjoy our sincere effort to create something that can be useful in the IVF Lab.