Mr. Bhaskar Sharma

Embryogeny @ Manipal Ankur, a place where EMBRYOLOGIST  is produced.

I joined for two months comprehensive embryology training which was entirely hands on.

Uniqueness of this training centre is interactive training system, where I was made to learn each process starting from dish preparation to embryo transfer. After every process there was assessment, where  my short comings where highlighted so that I should not repeat my mistake again since in Embryology there is no scope for mistakes. Working with Embryoscope and multiple manipulators (Narishige & Eppendorf)   was really worthy.  Now, I  can  confidently   do full IVF –ICSI cycle on my own weather it’s a  FET or fresh cycle  .

I hope this centre under the guidance of DR. ALEX VARGHESE , DR. G.S. TOMAR, MR. PHALGUNI PATRO

Will touch the sky where sky is the limit. And last, Thank you  MS. BHARTI and MS. RITU, who made me real embryologist.