Side Hustlers

Meet The Side Hustlers While working in the IVF lab over the last 10 years, We often found that the simplest of the products were the most difficult ones to …


Oocyte Morphology Atlas

Atlas of Oocyte Morphology. Image of all possible types of Oocyte Morphologies as seen in IVF Lab during ICSI. Includes both intracytoplasmic and extracytoplasmic oocyte morphology.


Why become an Embryologist ?

An Embryologist is a biologist who takes meticulous care of human gametes (both eggs and sperms) during the entire time they are outside the human body. Job of an Embryologist is to maintain anything and everything in the IVF and Andrology lab so that the culture condition within the IVF lab helps the oocytes and sperms to fertilize and grow into healthy emrbyos that can be safely transferred back to the uterus.